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The Benefits of Boarding Your Dog

The Benefits of Boarding Your Dog

Sometimes you as a pet owner will need to be away from your home be it on vacation, work, or family emergency. The question is what to do with your dog. Our Kinston vets will go over some of the benefits of boarding your dog.

Why Board Your Dog

Not everywhere you will go is pet friendly. Unless you have a service dog they can’t go with you into most restaurants. Finding a hotel that is pet friendly can be a challenge. They can’t accompany you to museums, hospitals, or theaters. This means you need to limit your plans if it's a vacation.

If it's for work your employer may not approve of the extra expense to take your dog.

If you are traveling to deal with a family emergency you won’t be able to dedicate the time your dog needs.

There is the worry that they will run off and get lost in a new location.

The other issue is if you are going away from home is transporting your dog. Long car trips with dogs present a unique set of challenges in finding a pet-friendly area to take breaks. Trains and buses may or may not allow pets. Some airlines have a history of pets dying in their cargo holds or just losing them completely. Boarding is a way to not worry about your beloved dog while you are taking care of life.

What Type of Boarding Options are Available

Boarding options fall into 3 categories: dog sitter, dog boarding/kennel, and medical boarding.

Dog Sitter

Like a babysitter for humans, you are entrusting someone to take care of your precious fur baby. This can be a friend, family member, or even a service. The advantage is your dog is in either your home or your sitter's home and you are more likely to be able to find a friend in case of an emergency.

Dog Boarding/Kennel

This option is more like summer camp for dogs. Depending on the boarding facility your dog will get various levels of exercise and playtime with other dogs. It is important to review what the facility offers and what activities and accreditation they have. It is recommended to ask to tour the facility to make sure you are comfortable with the quality of care your dog will receive.

Medical Boarding

This is where you arrange boarding for your dog to be boarded by a qualified veterinarian and their staff. This option is good if your dog has health conditions that need to be monitored or requires regular medication.

Will my Dog be Unhappy Being Boarded

This will depend on your dog. Some dogs will feel abandoned, others will be thrilled with all the attention from their caregivers and excited to meet new people and dogs. This will depend on your dog's personality.

Suggestions to get your dog used to the idea of being boarded is if you are using a pet sitter to try introducing them to their sitter to test if they will get along. If you are going for the option of a dog boarding facility see if they have a doggy daycare and try it out. That way your dog knows that going to the boarding facility is where they will meet their dog friends. Your dog will know the staff are not strangers. It also will let you judge how the staff treats your dog before trusting them with a prolonged period with your beloved dog.

In Summary

Boarding a dog is a way for you to have time to do and go where you need to and know that your dog is being taken care of.

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